Do you know what the recycling labels means?

Wealden District Council recycle a lot of different types of plastic at the kerbside via your recycling bin collection. There are also some places that will take plastic objects along with the shopping bags, many of these places are at the supermarkets.

In general you can recycling the following in your bins including plastic, bottles, plastic pots such as yogurt pots, plastic tubs like the margarine pots, plastic trays and plastic bags and some types of plastic wrapping.

Wealden do not take chemical bottles, plastic plant pots, hard plastic, polystyrene like coffee cups, bubble wrap, black plastic sacks, blister pack and cling film.

Its always worth checking the labels for the recycling information and if you are not sure what each of the symbols means here is a list to check them all out.

Happy recycling

How to understand recycling symbols

These recycle symbol pictures are used on cans, milk cartons, plastic toiletries, and more.

Widely Recycled.

These symbols are usually found on plastic bottles. Wealden recycle these through your recycling bin.


Widely Recycled – Rinse

This symbol is commonly found on food containers and can be placed in the recycling bin.



Widely Recycled – Rinse / Lid on

Recycling companies need us to rinse out and leave the lid on if it has this symbol on the item,


Widely Recycled – Flatten / Cap On

This symbol is regularly found on plastic bottles and juice or milk cartons. Flatten/Cap On means to first flatten the carton or bottle to release all the air out then put the cap on so that the item remains compressed.


Bottle – Widely Recycled / Sleeve – Not Yet Recycled

This is used when the sleeve is made from a non-recyclable product, so put the bottle in recycling and the sleeve in general waste.


Widely Recycled at Recycling centres.

Paint cans usually have this symbol on them. Check the council website for a local recycling centre that will take the container.


Widely Recycled at Recycling Points – Check locally for a kerbside collection.

Check on Wealden District Council website to see if these will be collected. Refuse collections can include small electricals which need to be kept separate.

Recycle with bags at larger stores.

Some supermarkets collect paper, plastic films, and newspapers, so check next time you are there.

Check Locally

This symbol means to check with Wealden District Council as it may be an item they can take.


Not Yet Recycled

This is used when 20% of councils don’t take it but it is still worth checking with Wealden District Council